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Essentials Of Micro blading

The average cost of eyebrow micro blading in the Philippines is P10,000 and in the US is $800. Given that you have only 1 client a day, it gives you P300,000 or $24,000 gross revenue a month. The consumables are less than P300 and $25. This career opportunity is one of the most promising for artists and beauty aficionados. 

Any one can be an eyebrow micro blading specialist. Whether you are a tattoo artist, make up artist, painter or simply a beauty aficionado, you can learn the art because we are here to train you in becoming a micro blading artist. 


- Introduction to Micro blading and Micro pigmentation

- Pre procedure routines

- Interviewing your client and their history

- health and safety guidelines

- range of micro blading techniques

- client consultations

- consent forms and legal information

- setting up tools for procedure

- anatomy of the face

- basic eyebrow make up and patterns

- stroke pattern according to gender and preference

- managing clients throughout the procedure

- skin types

- preventing infection and after care instructions

- practice on live models

-  practice on fake skin and paper

- correct eyebrow measurements